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Monday, March 18th, 2019

Dear Fellow SEO,

Do you struggle with knowing which backlinks will do you good and which will hurt? Does the thought of building backlinks scare you? Do you still struggle to hit that covetted no1 spot in Google? Are you just SICK of low quality backlinks?

You probably know me if you are on this page. If not, briefly I don't have one of those rags to richs story's.  I used to be a Commercial Banking Manager earning a good salary working for the man.  However, I am an enteprenaur at heart and have been making a nice little side income online in my spare time since 1999. Since 2008 my main income generator has been SEO by a solid 90%.

I left my day job in 2010 to run my own mini affiliate empire and marketing agency. With the added benefit of working from home which allows me to look after my 2 boys.

SEO is my passion and I love the feeling of beating Google with my ranking techniques.

Auction and expired domains have been my solid goto tactic for ranking since the NOUGHTIES. However, with more and more manual reviewers out there we need to be more careful to not trigger them.

Therefore, I have changed the way I do my linking for the better.

Its called Guest Post Outreach. I used to do this myself many years ago with a little bit of success but the problem...

Outreach Takes Too Much of My Valuable Time with Little Positive Replies from Webmasters and Site Owners to Make it Worth My While...

So, the task now is to either do the outreach (contacting all the relevant websites and then convince them to link to your website - not an easy feet) which takes ages or find a trusted provider.

Yeap, you got it. The next issue is the expense and wasted time in finding good suppliers. There are a load of charlatons out there, selling links on expired PBN sites and passing it off as real outreach, others not even any age to them or backlinks, and worst of all some took my money and delivered buger all.

I hear you, jeez I'm just gonna use PBN's then. Yeap you can, however, they take along time to find, they get no traffic, they are expensive and can be a waste of money if you buy one that has a penalty... 

What else did I find:

  • Providers getting links on sites that really are not that powerful and therefore not worth the money
  • Links on sites that are not niche relevant
  • Titles and URL's not containing keywords
  • Not having a choice of anchor text
  • Sites absolutely plastered with ads
  • Links placed on sites that have loads of spam links
  • and, links on sites that load slower than a snail climbing a window

So, What Did I Do ...

I knew I was going to carry on using auction domains, but I also knew I was going to use them differently in conjunction with Guest Posts.

Not any old Guest Posts, I was going to use only "real outreach guest posts", that are of a decent quality with real traffic. Basically, ones that would increase rankings and once powered up would move that needle to the top.

I spent thousands of dollars on different guest posts to the point I that I got to a handful I could trust but were over priced and their least expensive options were not in the POWER regions I had tested that created the ranings boosts I required. 

And, did not have the traffic I wanted. But they were ok.

The next thing for me to do was to start pimping myself out to all the SEO events I could to see what others were using, you know, the underground services that only the top SEO's use.

And guess what?

I found them, I found the best Guest Post service that only the Pro's in SEO use. And, they resell these to their clients for a pretty profit.

Therefore, for a limited time get a SUPER boost from the highest quality backlinks.  

Introducing ...

[Rank Higher and Safer With Guest Posts]

This is a real outreach program where webmasters in your niche will be negotiated with to link to your site. Only sites with power and spam free with be used:

  • Minimum 1000 Real Visitors per Month - Unlike other services out there the sites that your backlinks reside on will have a minimum of 1000 visitors from Google Organic Search per month. Meaning Google trusts the site.
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating Used Starting at a High DR30+ - Other services use Moz's very poor DA as a metric. This means you are getting a far superior site  linking to you in terms of power and backlinks.
  • Thorough Placement Spam and Index Check - This service ensures that the domain does not have spam links and is not classified as spam to Google. Also, not only are inner pages of the site checked for indexing, further checks are done to check that new pages are indexed. Again making sure your site will rank thanks to these links.

To Rank in One of the Most White Hat Ways in Todays SEO Environment without Chance of Penalty All You NEED to do is...

Click the order button below and all you have to do is choose your quality of site. This is Either DR30+, DR45+ or DR60+.

Next choose the number of words you'd like the article to be where your link resides.

"As a longtime coaching student of Brian's I had the pleasure of getting access to this Guest Post service before Brian arranged this super deal for us. I paid considerably more than this price being offered and I am still extremly happy with the 10 that I purchased.

They are clearly real sites in my industry and most importantly they have increased my rankings.

I highly recommend these, they are the best Guest Posts I have ever had negotiated for me."

- Jim

More Benefits of this Service...

  • Hand Crafted Campaigns for your placements meaning you get super relevant signals flowing to your site ...
  • Yours link will be super relevant because the guest post site will have your keywords on it somewhere and very likely to have inbound anchor links and websites with your keywords = AWESOME
  • High Power Links. Since DR is generally lower than DA, you'll be getting a better bang for your buck ...
  • Your choice of Anchor Text, Linking to URL & my Authority Relevancy Score is excellent (keywords in incoming pages URL, title etc) ...
  • 500 Words of UK Written Content (+£12 for each additional 500 words) ...
  • All Links are Permanent. Pay Once and get lifetime, lasting, benefits ...
  • Pure white hat rankings
  • And Many More ...


  • Do you have a database of websites which you can share prices for?

Unfortunately, no. All our guest posting is done via custom outreach campaigns, we do this to ensure that we don’t ‘burn’ the inventory by guest posting on them too often.

  • What is the turn around time for guest posts?

The majority of guest posts are fulfilled in 4 weeks but due to the nature of guest posting this sometimes be a little longer. This comes down to a number of factors, including the niche, the amount of negotiation required and the posting schedule of the site?

  • Do you pick the anchor text and target URLs?

Yes, if your order is over £1,500 we will happily help you select your target URLs and anchor text. This is an option that is shown after you complete your payment.

  • Are there any niches that you don’t accept?

We work with everything apart from adult and illegal niches. If you are wanting gambling links please use the gambling guest post product as there is a surcharge or £30. Please contact me direct for these at brian@brianparnall.com.

  • Do you have samples?

Yes we can provide a few samples if you would like, however, remember that it is very easy for providers to send samples of their best sites that they have used

  • Is there any bulk discount on guest posts?

Unfortunately due to the nature of guest posts we are unable to offer any bulk discounts - but is you're buying 10 or more contact me and I'll negotiate on your behalf.

Special Bonus For FREE!

This is an amazing service. However, what I will offer is for the first 5 orders I wioll provide a site analysis with the buyers live over Skype.

Also, for every order of 10 or more I will help with site analysis along with negotiating a larger discount with the providers on your behalf.

What Does All This Cost Brian?

Below is the costs along with the Domain Ratings which makes these AWESOME.

Simple, Scalable Pricing?

DR 30+ Link

with 1,000+ Traffic Guaranteed
3 - 4 week delivery
- Site Relevant to your Niche
- Placement Spam / Index Checked 
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DR 45+ Link

with 1,000+ Traffic Guaranteed
3 - 4 week delivery
- Site Relevant to your Niche
- Placement Spam / Index Checked 
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DR 60+ Link

with 1,000+ Traffic Guaranteed
3 - 4 week delivery
- Site Relevant to your Niche
- Placement Spam / Index Checked 
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Below video will start showing you how to use the coupon code BRIAN10

Do not forget the coupon code BRIAN10

And, of course any questions email me brian@brianparnall.com

Your friend in SEO,


The SEO Geek ;-)

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