WP Optimiser Review and Demo Case Study

So the above video shows a very compelling reason to buy WP Optimiser.

Main reason being is that once again Google sets its sites on a penalty and the businesses that are going to get hit are…

…yeap, you guessed it “The Little Guy”

Well, not any longer because this wordpress plugin that is built purely to the speed up websites is affordable and very very easy to use.

To find out more watch the wp optimiser review case study over here.

There’s also a very good run down by the SEOGeek and his demo of wp optimiser here.

You have to be careful with the plugins that are installed because some of these can be full of bloat and slow the whole site down.


Easy Steps To Help You Better Understand WordPress Optimiser

Many people online have positive reviews for WordPress and the ease of utilize it provides. Not knowing how to operate the blogging site will make it harder to obtain great outcomes, however. Below are a few ideas to help you learn to utilize it effectively.

Be certain you avoid using the same designs as all those who have WordPress. It may give visitors a bad impression, though it might be very tempting to do so. You wish to leave on the right foot with your visitors.

Delete it in case you have lots of comments and other content that may be not adding value. Your visitors will appreciate your time and energy. An excellent plugin that may help you in removing spam out of your site on a regular basis is Akismet.

You could possibly strive to change your blog site and erroneously assume that your changes have not been saved. This might be not true. To remedy this, try clearing your browser’s cache. Refresh your browser while holding down your shift step to create your changes appear.

Educate yourself on WordPress prior to getting started. Planning beforehand will put you in a far greater position. Learn all you can about SEO, good content and using WordPress to your benefit.

The posts which you make show up in the transaction you are making them, until you specify. If you want to rearrange this list, modify the date. To get this done, open up a post to check out the date located at the top of the proper corner. Click the date, edit it, and save it to reorder its position.

Are there any a lot of commenters to the posts? It may well are becoming challenging to search through every one of them. Use a plugin that can divide this into different pages. This will make your site quicker to navigate.

Until you dictate differently, your site content always show up in a chronological order. You’ll need to affect the date first if you want to rearrange the list. The date is usually on the top, right-hand corner for each blog post. Change its position by clicking the date, changing it, and saving the post.

Ensure that users have quick access to your articles, which will maintain their email, at their leisure. This is certainly essential so that they can easily share your content with others. WP-email plugins are a fun way to achieve this.

Will not make something such as “admin” your personal username. Using a username like admin or administrator ups the likelihood of being hacked. It is an unnecessary security risk to adopt. Any user names on your own users page which can be “administrator” or “admin” should be removed. Find creative user names that you can remember.

Never work with a word like “admin” when your username. By using a username like admin or administrator ups your chances of being hacked. This is a risk for the security of your respective site. Delete usernames that appear with “administrator” or “admin” on your user pages. Choose something different.

Tired of the clutter on WordPress? Try turning off buttons you don’t use. Do that from ‘Screen Options’ on top of your window. Select the “Screen Options” button for any handy drop-down menu will enable or disable your boxes.


Schedule your postings well before when you want to publish them. It is possible to schedule them to post, even though you aren’t around. Visit your Edit screen and locate the Publish box. Find ‘publish immediately’ under this. Alongside it is a spot to input time as well as date. Input your time in military format. Click OK. Check “Schedule For” and press “Schedule.”

Make your plugins updated. Among the finest ways to possess a strong presence is by well-made, up-to-date plugins. They receive updates exactly like normal applications, however. Key upgrades can pass you by, along with the plugin might cease working altogether, should you forget to stay current with update installation.

Be sure you have only the minimum amount of WordPress plugins you require. Plugins may add a brand new dimension aimed at your website, but they also boost the time that it takes for your own home page to load. They may really slow things down, and this can impact the method that you rank with search engines like yahoo. Websites which can be slow usually don’t rank as highly as sites which are optimized for speed.

Stay away from a drop-down menu to decide on headers for your personal blog articles. Use shortcuts on your keyboard. Press CTRL then 1-6 to choose alternative ideas. This may save your time when you frequently use headers.

Always make a backup of your own blog. You must back your blog site often. You will find a plugin called Xcloner that can make it easier to backup your blog. Use whatever site or plugin you’re comfortable with to support your site, but be sure to back it up in multiple location. It will be a tragedy to shed your whole blog.



Select a host for WordPress with tools that allow WordPress to get installed easily. In this way, you won’t have to make a separate database. With a single click, the host can create the blog domain for yourself plus the associated database.

Plugins that cost something aren’t automatically not worth the cost. Determine should it be worth using after which utilize it. The functions offered are well worth the price which you pay.

Put images to function on your websites. Pictures are definitely more appealing than words. Your website is going to have even more drama with photos. Boost your website’s standing on search engines like yahoo by using alternate text and title tags on images.

Come up with a plan prior to making a WordPress site. Jot down what you wish from your blog and what you want readers to achieve from it. That can help you develop a site that addresses your objectives right from the start.

When you come across difficulties with your site, learn what to do. While searching for help, make sure to check out Facebook groups, forums and blogs dedicated to WordPress. The neighborhood may help you with questions around a style, a plugin or other WordPress related issues.

You need to just let it rest unpublished for now in case you have written something however they are not able to publish it yet. You are able to still modify them, however the public can’t discover them. Only publish your job while you are completely content with it.

In the event you aren’t using themes or plugins then you definitely should eliminate them for security purposes. If these neglected items possess a flaw and you might even forget they exist, you don’t know. This might cause your internet site being ruined.

WordPress is fun to place to utilize and simple to find out. In case you have enough knowledge, it won’t take much to generate an attractive blog of website. In the event you desire, uncover more advanced skills to create your internet site truly robust. To guarantee your website remains looking its greatest, stay up-to-date on new developments concerning WordPress.